World’s 1st Flying Car Invented in Slovakia

World’s 1st Flying Car Invented in Slovakia

In earlier times people thought that in the coming days we would see motorcars flying in the air. But so far that time had not come. But gradually people’s thoughts become reality. Yes friends a company in Slovakia has built a flying car. And have successfully tested them. People’s dream of the past is coming true in the year 2022.

You may be surprised to hear that the making of flying car started 100 years ago today. The first attempt was made to build a flying car in the year 1971. It was named Autoplane. And this car was made by Glenn Curtis. But for some reason this car could not fly so his idea failed.

But a short time later, in the year 18, a successful flying car was made by Robert Edison Fulton. He built an airplane called Airphibian. Which looked like an airplane. This airplane would become a car in just 5 minutes. This flying car was innovative at the time. And he also got approval from the government. Due to the World War this company had a financial problem so the company could not find investors.

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Then came the 1947 Cornvaircar. This car was made by Henry Dreyfuss. But this car looked strange. It also took 5 minutes to convert this car into an airplane. Even the car was unlikely to crash. Not so much technology was developed in that time. So a true flying car could not be invented. At that time people did not even have the necessary funds. But in the present times there are both. Today’s technology is advancing beyond human thinking.

In October 2021 a Swedish company Jetson Aero launched its Jetson 1 ship. It didn’t look like a car but it looked like a drone. In which only one person could sit. Their frames are made of aluminum to make them lighter in weight. And their total weight is only 86kg. And that car could seat a person up to 95kg.

No pilot is required to operate this car. This car is homebuilt. If you buy this car you will get only 50% assembled. The company is not responsible for any accidents that may occur. But this car can’t be used much. Because this car can’t fly at night. Can’t even fly over traffic. The co-founder of the company stated that the car was developed just for fun.

Flying Car Jetson-One 


A company based in Slovakia launched its air car in front of the world in the last month. Which looks like a full air car. Such technology requires a lot of innovation to develop.

What special about the flying car?

The car completed its intercity flight last June. And he did it in Slovakia. Slovakia is an Eastern European country. Slovakia’s Transport Authority has also given clearance for the car to take off. This car does not require any special petrol to fly in the air.

Flying Car

This car can reach up to 8000 feet altitude while flying. And its speed in the air is 190km/hr. This car can seat a maximum of 2 people. And it only takes 3 minutes for this car to be transformed from an airplane to a car. This car requires a pilot’s license to fly. Because this car needs a runway to fly. The car has completed more than 200 takeoffs and landings.

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What will be the price of this Flying car?

If you want to buy this car it will cost from $500,000 to $1 million. The price of this car will depend on its model. And in just 12 months, this car will hit the market. You can then buy it from the market. The name of the company that makes this car is Klein Vision. The company believes that this air car will replace the helicopter in the future.

How to work Flying Car?

This car uses the engine of BMW vehicle. Too much fuel is used to fly airplanes and helicopters. They also need special fuel. And this car can fly across a car engine. An electric engine could also be developed to fly this car in the future.

What will be the use of flying car?

  1. Flying cars will be used for emergency services, Such as ambulance, fire engine, or police.
  2. No separate infrastructure is required to fly this car.
  3. A normal car takes longer to cover long distances but a flying car takes less time.


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