World Blood Donor Day 2022

World Blood Donor Day 2022

Friends, today on the occasion of World Blood Donor Day 2022 we will discuss with you some of its wonderful benefits. Did you know that donating blood keeps the heart healthy?

The human body is made up of flesh and bones without blood. All parts of the body need blood to function properly. If there is a deficiency of blood in the body then the life of any person can be in trouble and his life can also go. That is why everyone in the world is guided to donate blood. Donating blood provides blood to a person in need and blood donation is also beneficial.

When did the celebration of World Blood Donor Day start?

The World Health Organization (WHO) began celebrating Blood Donation Day in 2004. Since then, World Blood Donor Day has been celebrated on June 14 every year. The theme of Blood Donor Day is also kept different throughout the year. This year’s theme is Blood Donor Day 2022. “Blood donation is an act of unity. Join the effort and save lives.”

What is the theme of World Blood Donor Day 2022?

Every year the theme of World Blood Donor Day is decided by WHO. This year’s motto by WHO is ‘Blood donation is an act of unity.’ Has been kept. This theme draws the attention of all the people of the country who donate blood to save the lives of others and to promote unity in the communities. On this day people are asked to donate as much blood as possible so that patients admitted to hospitals who need special blood can get new life.

Benefits of donating blood

According to the doctor’s advice, the blood of the person who donates blood becomes thinner, which allows blood to circulate in the body more easily and improves the health of the heart. Research by scientists from around the world has shown that donating blood reduces the risk of life from cancer and other diseases. Donating blood removes harmful substances from the body.

New red cells are formed in the body so the body stays healthy. Donating blood is completely safe but there are many rules for it. The body re-increases the amount of blood donated by the donor in 21 days. However the blood volume is completed in 24 to 72 hours.

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Who can donate blood?

A perfectly healthy person between the ages of 18 and 65 can donate blood. And hemoglobin in the blood of the donor should be more than 12.5% and he should be able to donate blood only if he weighs at least 45 kg. Anyone can donate 300 ml of blood. Or its methods may be different. For example, blood is collected manually or with the help of automatic devices that take only a fraction of the blood from a person’s body.

When a person donates blood, the donated blood regenerates in his body within 24 hours. And after 35 to 40 days after donating blood, blood starts to form again. If the person wants to donate blood again, he has to wait for 30-40 days.



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