What is Wordle Game, How to Play Wordle Game and How its Started?

You know What is Wordle Game? In today’s Article you will come to know that How This Wordle Game started, Who started this game and How can you Successfully play Wordle Game.

Friends, you must notice from past few months that a Squared format results folks are Sharing in the Platoform Twitter and swags that they make the Boxes successfully. but do you know What is behind this? The Words behind it. Yes The Name of the Game is Wordle Game. Which is created back in 2020 by American Web developer. As a pastime but whoever known that this would be one of the most liked and Trending game ever after Two years..

What is Wordle Game ?

Wordle is a Daily Game, Which you can Play in your Mobile’s Browser. and this Game has not any Particular App for play it. In this game Daily a Word of the Game wil be given which will be secret. All you have to do is Enter a 5 latter’s word 6 Time. You can play this only One time a day and After every 24 hours the Word of the day will be refreshed.

Wordle Game

In this Game whenever you enter any of 5 latte’s word. In it, If the Word will be colored of Green then it means that the typed letter is in the Word of the day. If the Word will be colored of Yellow then it means that the typed letter is not in the right place as Word of the day is. and Finally if your Typed one of the letters got Grey colored then it means that that letter is not one of Word of the day has.

Who is the Founder of Wordle Game?

Josh Wordle an American Developer from Brooklyn, founded the game back in 2020 as the pastime during the Covid 19 lockdown. however, The main motive behind inaugural of the game that he wanted to gift the game to his Wife because she is so excited for puzzling games.

When he first made this game then first of all he only shared this game and its about within his family via Whatsapp groups. ehen everyone liked it so much then he approached to New york times for this game that How this game really feels you the uniqueness and formal style to engage you with it. then after one year This game made available to globally on October 2021.

Why This Game got so much Popularity ?

Indeed The Wordle game gained so much popularity on internet since past some time. In this game one of the big benefits is that when you guessed the right word then you can share it on Social media.

And when you share your result or achievement on Social media thenn it shows not only your result but entire your journey with tht colored boxes. Also you come to know or contact with the other players through this game because almost all are sharing their results on Social handles and thus you can share your experiences and gaming passion.

And you have only One shot at a time when you starting to play the game, because it refreshes after every 24 hours.

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How to play Wordle Game ?

As we tell you before that This game you can play from desktop or mobile device. All you need to have is a Good internet connection and a device with browser. Here steps provided how you can play this game easily :

  • Click on this link (https://www.nytimes.com/games/wordle/index.html) to open the game in your browser.
  • Once done, you will see a 5 x 6 grid and a keyboard on the Screen.
  • At very first thing, you have to guess any 5-letter word. If the word is in the right place, it will be shown in green and If the letter is present in the last word but not in the correct place, it will be highlighted in yellow.. If the letter is not present in the word, it will be shown as grey.
  • And when any of word you have typed is being wrong, then it will shows also in keyboard with same color. this is the big advantage that you can understand that what letter is a part of word of the day and what’s not.
Wordle Game
  • Try to find the correct word, using the process of elimination and guess work.Wordle Game
  • Once you find the correct word or make your six tries, the game will show you the statistics. You can click on the share option to copy the statistics and share them on your social media handles which will then appear in the form of Squared pyramid.

What are the similar games like Wordle available online? :

  • There are many other Word games available online like Wordle, in which the following are the main ones.
  • Another very interesting is The Globe and Mail’s Daily Cryptic Crossword Word Game is also available online.
  • Apart from this, many people are playing the Spelling Bee word game of New York Times. In this game you have to try to make words from a set of seven unique letters using the middle letter at least once.
  • If we talk about other word games, Kitty Letter can also be an option.
  • Other games can also include Jotto Word Game in which you have to identify a secret word through elimination.

See How this game Captivating The Players :

Shreya Pul, who heads Pocket FM’s audio book department, plays Wordle regularly. 29-year-old Shreya says, “My partner finds it amazing that I set an alarm for 12 midnight so that I can play it as soon as the next day starts. I have won 95 percent of my games and have been undefeated for 38 consecutive days. As soon as a new day starts after 12 midnight, a new word is uploaded on Wordle. It stays on for the next 24 hours.

So friends, As you see Wordle is not just being a Word Guessing game but it has become very popularity gaining game recent times. Although Wordle is not very popular here in India, but this game is played a lot in outside countries. You can see that how its popularity raising day by day that according to a New York Times report, Over 300,000 people play Wordle Game every single day.

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