What is Mothers Day & When is Mothers day 2023 Celebrated Globally?

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In this World ‘Mother‘ or ‘Ma‘ is the Word that We all want to Remember, Speak, Adore and Save till our last breath in the life. Indeed, The Mother is a Person in our life that without her we can never Expect the Better and Cherishable life. Only after having a relationship with the mother, a child can adopt many more relationships in his life till he grows up. Mother’s affection and love is very important for every human being. Without any selfishness, the mother meets the child’s need. By the way, every mother gives all to her children.

She delights in the child’s joys and shares its sorrow in its problems. Children desire to do something special for their mother in such circumstances. There is a certain day set aside to celebrate and appreciate this mother. Mother’s Day is observed on this day.

Mother’s Day is celebrated every year on the Second Sunday of May. Mother’s Day is being celebrated on 8th May this year. On this day, people try to make their mother feel special and tell them that what is the role of mother in their life and that they also love her. Mother’s Day is celebrated with pomp not only in India but also in many other countries.

When Mothers day is Being Celebrated? | History of Mothers day 2023:

Mothers day 2023: Every year the Mothers day is being Celebrated on the Second Sunday of May month. And in 2023 The Mothers day is being celebrated on 14th May.

Mothers day 2023

Well You must have read all the stories of Mother’s Day. Gotta know how this day started? How was this day dedicated to mothers? How was this day made memorable for his sacrifice? How mothers are appreciated and thanked for their dedication on this day? But do you know that the woman who started this day also tried to end it. Certainly his attempt was not successful, but his family and relatives do not celebrate this day. What was the reason for this? Why did the one who started this day come out against it? All these questions are addressed in this report…

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The second Sunday of May was chosen because:😯

Well We all know that Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 2nd Sunday of May Month every year. This tradition is going on for about 111 years. The day was started by Anna Jarvis. He dedicated the day to his mother and chose the date in such a way that it coincided with his mother’s death anniversary on May 9. This time Mother’s Day is falling on 8th May.

What was the Original Aim of Mother’s Day?:🙄

Mothers day 2023: Actually, Ann Reeves Jarvis, the mother of Anna Jarvis, wanted to start Mother’s Day. Her aim was to start a day for mothers, on which mothers are honored for their incomparable service. However, Ann Reeves Jarvis died in 1905 and her daughter Anna Jarvis took up the responsibility of fulfilling her dream. However, Anna made a slight change to the theme of the day. He said that on this day people should remember and appreciate the sacrifice of their mother. People liked his idea so much that it was immediately taken up and Mother’s Day was celebrated for the first time in 1908, three years after the death of Ann Reeves.

Then Why Ana Started to Boycott Mother’s Day:🙂

When Mother’s Day was celebrated for the first time in the world, Anna Jarvis was its poster girl in a way. He distributed his mother’s favorite white carnation flowers to the women on that day, which were taken for granted. The commercialization of these flowers grew so much that in the following years, white carnation flowers became a kind of black market on Mother’s Day. People started trying to buy them at the highest prices. Seeing this, Ana was enraged and started a campaign to end this day.

What Happened to the Campaign Which Anna Started?:🤔

After the sale of white carnation flowers on Mother’s Day, toffees, chocolates and all kinds of gifts also started trending. In such a situation, Ana even reprimanded the people. He said that people have reduced the importance of this day by commercializing it for their greed. In the year 1920, he even appealed to the people not to buy flowers. Anna was engaged in the campaign to end this day till her last moment. He also launched a signature campaign for this, but the success was not achieved and around 1948, Anna said goodbye to this world.

Ana’s relatives do not celebrate this day:😶

Ana’s campaign against the commercialization of Mother’s Day may not have affected the whole world, but her family members and relatives do not celebrate this day. In fact, in an interview given to the media a few years ago, Anna’s relative Elizabeth Barr told that her aunts and father never celebrated Mother’s Day, because they respected Ana a lot. He was impressed by Ana’s sentiment that commercialization has changed the meaning of this very special day.

But What is the Reason for celebrating Mothers Day?

Mothers day 2023: By the way, every day is of love between mother and children. But children celebrate Mothers Day with the aim of making their mother feel special, honoring her motherhood and love. In the last few decades, this day dedicated to mother is celebrated in a very special way. On this day people spend time with their mother. Let’s plan a gift or some surprise for them. Let’s organize a party and congratulate the mother. Express your love and affection towards them.

Realizing the importance of mother, everyone celebrates Mother’s Day in their own unique way. Especially in India, children definitely plan to do something special to make their mother feel special. On this day, some people send the mother for a walk outside after giving her leave from household chores, while some people wish Mother’s Day by giving her favorite gifts or greetings. At the same time, many quotes of Mother’s Day are shared on social media as well.

What is the Importance of Mother’s Day :

Mothers day 2023: A mother is not just a female parent who carries a child growing in her womb for nine months, but also one who invests her life experience in numbing the future of her child. Mother is the one who sacrifices a significant part of her life in taking care of her child.

We all have mothers so we all should celebrate this day together and it’s time to remember the legacy, aspects of society, challenges that mothers face everyday.

Conclusion :

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