Starbucks Opening Innovative New concept Starbucks drive thru Stores in U.S. Markets

Starbucks to accelerate expansion of drive-thru concept, pickup and curbside pickup

Starbucks Pickup and curbside pickup due to a retail environment that has shifted because of COVID-19 pandemic

Starbucks meet the evolving their customer needs of convenience, connection and personalization

Starbucks A roadmap other brands can follow as they revolutionize their drive thru

The order and verification zone will include a live 2-way video conference with a member of the team taking your order

Starbucks is increasing the number of drive-thrus in the Central U.S Market and it has also been implementing enhancements to improve drive-thru productivity

Starbucks is developing and testing handheld point-of-sale devices, about 300 drive-thru locations

Starbucks expects handhelds to be in 500+ stores by the end of March

Starbucks is also targeting 150+ new drive-thru stores that are struggling to new productivity goals