Top 10 Dangerous Computer VIRUSES

Top 10 Dangerous Computer VIRUSES

Computer viruses are a nightmare if you are not a computer technician. Some of them can wipe out all of your data, cause insane buffering or turn your PC into a zombie. If you’ve never had a computer virus, consider yourself extremely lucky.

Computer viruses have been around for many years so let’s take a look at the top 10 scary and dangerous computer viruses. Alright starting us off in at number 10 with Melissa (1999). This computer virus started off as an infected word document that was posted on a site, claiming to be a list of passwords for porn websites.

Naturally, a lot of people got curious and would click and download this file onto their computers. Once they opened it, the virus would mail itself to the top 50 people in your email address book which would cause a lot of buffering and email traffic.

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This virus also disrupted a lot of email services of government agencies and corporations. Melissa infected 20% of computers worldwide and her damages were about $80 million. Zero Access Botnet storms onto this list in at number 9 (2013).

The name alone sounds like this would be terrible virus to get. This particular virus has enslaved between1-2 million personal computers with malicious software in an elaborate attempt to defraud online advertisers. Zero Access would take over your computer and use scareware tactics to spread other threats and fake antivirus software. A terrible virus named Winery Ransomware comes onto this list in at number 8 (2017).

This destructive virus caused over 1.5 billion dollars worth of damages to pc’s all over the world. Th hackers who created this virus would take control of profitable company’s or organization’s computers and threaten to destroy all of their data unless they pay them. Companies were forced to spend a lot of money to pay for the cost of conducting investigations and restoring data.

Number 7 brings us to Code Red (2001). This virus first made an appearance in 2001and it targeted computers that were running the Microsoft IIS web server. Once your computer becomes infected, it will make a hundred copies of itself and it will duplicate even more until it eats up a lot of your computers’ resources, making your computer unusable.

This virus barely leaves any trace on the hard disk because it is able to run entirely on memory. It is estimated that between 1-2 million people were affected and it caused over 2 billion dollars worth of damages. Conifer is in at number 6. This virus has been ruining computers since2008 and it infects computers by using flaws in the operating system to create a botnet which is a bunch of computers that are controlled as a group without the owner’s knowledge.

This malware was able to infect more than9 million computers worldwide and it was able to reset your accounts, block access, turnoff services and lock you out. It would even install software that uses scareware order to scam money off of the user. The damages equaled to about $9.1 billion and Microsoft was able to release a patch for it.

Prepare yourself in at number 5 we have Storm Worm (2007). This annoying virus would hide in e-mail attachments with the subject line “230 dead as storm batters Europe.” People who opened this attachment would immediately become infected and it would wreck havoc on your computer. It is estimated that between 1-50 million computers were infected worldwide.

This virus would turn your personal computer into a zombie or bot because they were remotely controlled by the person behind the attack. ILOVEYOU makes it into number 4. This virus is considered to be one of the most harmful viruses ever created. The I love you virus managed to destroy computer systems all over the world causing damages that totaled about $15 billion dollars and10% of computers connected to the internet worldwide were believed to have been infected.

This clever virus used social cues to get people to click on an attachment called “a love confession.” Once the user clicked on it, the virus would send itself to everyone on the user’s mailing list and would overwrite files and cause the computer to not be able to turn on. Sasser infects this list in at number 3 (2004). First discovered in 2004, Sasser infected more than a million computers and caused about $18 billion dollars worth in damages.

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The Sasser virus is supposedly a really annoying virus to have. It slows down and crashes your computer while making it extremely hard to reset it without cutting the power. Sasser caused extensive damages to computer sat airlines, news agencies, public transportation and even hospitals.

Number 2 brings us to So Big. F Worm. This can easily be considered one of the most destructive worms because it caused $37.1 billion dollars in damage and it infected about 2 million computers from all over the world. So Big would appear in an email that had catchy subject lines which would make you want to click it.

The virus was modified to download a Trojan program that would allow the creator of the virus to remotely control all of the infected computers and leave them vulnerable to other viruses and malware. And finally in at number 1 we have Mudroom(2004).

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