The Reality of SOU: Statue of Unity

The Reality of SOU: Statue of Unity

Friends, you all know that the tallest statue in the world is in our country India. Which we call Statue of Unity.  And this is pride for us. The whole world looks at you with respect. Millions of people come to see this statue. The tourism industry has also benefited immensely.

Basic project cost of Statue of Unity

The entire project of SOU is worth Rs. 3,000 crore. Out of this, the cost of the statue alone is 1350 crores. Friends, the tallest statue ever was the Spring Temple BuddhaWhich is located in China. It is now the second tallest statue. The cost of the entire project was $55 million. And the cost of the statue alone was only $18 million. The height of Sou is 182 meters And while the height of the Buddha statue is 128 meters.

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Friends, we all know that Taj Mahal is India’s most popular tourist attraction. About 5 million people visit the Taj Mahal every year. Out of which annual income is 25 crores.

The potential for tourism

Friends told many people that Statue of Unity would not become a popular Tourism location. The first reason is showing its location. You will know that the most famous attractions in the world are located around any famous city. Such as the Statue of Liberty located in New York City, The Eiffel Tower is located in Paris.

The second reason is uniqueness. There must be something special about a famous attraction that can make it popular. Which is not found in SOU. Although the world’s tallest statue was of Buddha, it was not among the top ten attractions in China. When a tourist goes to China, he prefers to visit the Great Wall or the Forbidden City. The third reason is beauty. This is not a specific reason but it does make a difference.

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There are about 3600 monuments inside the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI).  Of these, tickets are kept in 11 monuments Which can earn the government. Monuments do not have basic service. If all these services are provided then it can be earned Which can also benefit our tourism.

Social & Environmental Impact due to Statue of Unity

Many tribesmen had to sell their land to make SOU. About 6 villages in that area had to be evacuated. Around 75,000 people in the area staged a mass protest on October 31.  This statue is made of Sardar Patel. We all know why he is known as Iron Man. He has been instrumental in uniting the country. Hence they are also known as Lokhandipurus. 


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