The Kashmir files : Kashmiri Pandit Exodus

Friends, we all know that a new movie has just come out, Whose name is The Kashmir Files. This movie is in a lot of discussion right now. And this movie is breaking the record of another movie. The atrocities against Kashmiri Pandits are being shown in this movie. How Kashmir Pandits were harassed?

People in Kashmir used to live in love in earlier times, It wasn’t that there were always fights. But in the year 1883 to 1990, due to some people, such a big incident happened. What was the main reason behind this? Who was behind this? We will discuss this now.

Who was the Kashmiri Pandit?

Before the 13th century, the population in Kashmir was Hindu. Then by the 14th century, the Muslim kings ruled. Those who had left Kashmir at that time had returned. That was the first time Kashmir Pandit was attacked. Exodus mean from one place to another in masse. And those who survived there are called Malmasi. And after that Muhir Pandit comes and trades there. After a few years, the majority became Muslim. In the year 1981, about 1,24,000 Pandits remained in Kashmir.

After the death of Sheikh Abdullah, Farooq Abdullah became the CM. The name of Farooq Abdullah’s party was National Conference. The Congress was well aware that his brother-in-law had a dream of becoming the Chief Minister. Ghulam Mohammad formed a new party, the Awami National ConferenceThe Congress then broke off its alliance with Farooq Abdullah. And formed a new party with Ghulam Mohammad and made Ghulam Mohammad CM.

History of Kashmiri pandit

But after Ghulam Mohammad became CM, he started supporting separatists. You may wonder who the separatist? Those who want Kashmir to be a separate state are called separatists. It also has a lot of types. Some want Kashmir to secede from India and join Pakistan. Some want India and Pakistan to become separate and separate states. There are many such groups.

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The JKLF Group said that we would take up arms and achieve independence, they did not want to join Kashmir with any country. At that time Kashmiri Pandit was very educated. In the year 19, the Congress opened the lock of Babri Masjid. So Hindus can go there and worship. As a result, riots in Kashmir escalated.

Ghulam Muhammad once said that the temple located in the area of ​​New Civil Secretariat should be demolished and a grand mosque should be built there. From this the Kashmiri Hindus demonstrated the assumption. Because of this, riots started. This was the second attack on Kashmiri Hindus. Then Ghulam Muhammad should be removed from the post of CM on 26 march 1986, And the Governor’s Rule is imposed.

Kashmiri Pandit Exodus

Religion was made a primary inside Kashmir. Those who talked of joining India were killed by the JKLF. In the year 1989, a famous Pandit living in Kashmir, Tika Lal Taploo was killed. He was also a famous leader of BJP. They then kidnapped the daughter of India’s Home Minister and demanded five of her terrorists. After that, these people took Ak47 in hand and started a march And continued chanting. Seeing them, the police also went into hiding.

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At that time the capital of Jammu and Kashmir was changing. It was changing every 6 months. Jammu when it is winter and Shivnagar when it is summer. At that time there was no government in Kashmir. Kashmiri Pandit was alone in the valley. The most rapes, murders and shopliftings took place on January 19.

Then all the people had to leave their homes and run away. The next morning, the Hindus started leaving the valley. Till March, only about 500 Kashmiri Pandits remained in the Valley. He left his home and land and started living in a camp. Due to this Kashmir about 30,000 soldiers were martyred. It is in the manifesto that land will be given to Kashmiri Pandits but it has not been received till date.

Friends, this Kashmir Files movie is also based on Kashmiri Pandit. This movie shows the complete grief of Kashmiri Pandit. It shows the difficulties Kashmiri Pandits have faced.

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