RBI launches UPI 123Pay – UPI payments on feature phones

RBI launches UPI 123Pay – UPI payments on feature phones

Friends, just a few days ago, RBI launched UPI’s new service. It has been named as UPI 123Pay. In today’s blog we will talk about this service. How this service will work, where to use this service. You all know that a few years ago feature phones were more popular. Smartphones did not come to Market.

In the present times smart phones have come. This has greatly benefited the people at work. And it is also saving people time. But even nowadays many people have feature phones. The number of people using this phone has not been digital yet. So they can’t even pay online. The government has launched a new service to address the problems of these people.

What is UPI 123Pay?

UPI 123Pay means that people who do not have a smart phone can also make digital payments. The special feature of this new service is that you can transfer money even if your phone does not have internet. This service is also very easy to use. No need to worry if you don’t have a smart phone. You can also pay online through this UPI 123Pay service.

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Friends, UPI payment system is being used a lot these days. You may be wondering who is using the feature phone at this time. But yes, about 40 Crore people in our country are still using feature phones. This is a normal phone in which people cannot use the internet. But he knows that the world is becoming digital as technology evolves..

Earlier, UPI could be accessed through USSD. All you have to do is dial * 99# to access UPI Payment. Also note this service is available in all phones. So UPI 123Pay service was developed. With the help of this service you can transfer money without a smart phone. There is no need for internet. In which Usar can transfer money in just three steps.

Apart from this it has many other uses like fast tag, utility bill, you can also check your account balance, you can also change the PIN of UPI. The service has been launched by NPCI (National Payments Corporation of India)If there is any problem related to this service, NPCI has also launched a helpline for 24*7 hours. Or you can go to their website and get in touch or call 14431.

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How to user UPI 123Pay?

If you want to use UPI 123Pay, you must first link your phone to your bank account. Once your bank account is linked to your phone, you can access UPI through four different mediums.

How to access UPI 123Pay?

  1. Missed call
  2. App-Based Functionality
  3. IVR (Interactive Voice Response)
  4. Sound-Based Payment

How to use UPI 123Pay via IVR?

  • The first step is to call 08045163666 from your feature phone.
  • Then you have to select your language.
  • Then if you want to transfer money you have to press 1.
  • Then you have to select your bank and pair it with UPI.
  • Confirm your details by pressing 1.
  • Then enter your mobile number.
  • Then confirm your details.
  • Then you have to enter the amount of money transfer.
  • And finally you can enter your PIN and transfer money.

This method is called IVR (Interactive Voice Response) UPI transactions are growing very fast in our country. About 452 Crore transactions were made in the last month. 76 lakh crore has been transactions in the current financial year 2021-22. In a short time, 100 lakh crore transactions can be seen.


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