Patena bird – Bee-eater Bird In English

Patena bird – Bee-eater Bird In English

So my dear all friends, through this article today we are going to talk about Bee-eater bird in English, which is a medium stature bird? which bird is active only during most of the day, so friends, let us know more about Bee-eater bird.

Bee-eater Bird In English – all information

  • What is the scientific name of Patena bird? So the scientific name of this bird is Meropidae. There are a total of 27 species of birds.
  • Most of species of the this bird family are found in Africa and Asia country, while some species are also found in Australia, New Guinea, and Europe.
  • Both males and females look alike.
  • If you want to identify this bird you can do it from its thin body.
  • The height of this Bee-eater bird, then the height of this bird is around 8 to 12 inches, and the weight of Patena bird is approx 30 – 60 grams.
  • The beak of patena bird is long and slender.
  • The main food of patena bird is butterflies, bees and small insects.
  • These birds are seen during the day and rest at night.
  • This bird is most commonly found on lightning rods and on trees, but over time this species has become extinct.
  • This is not only seen in large herds but is also sometimes seen in herds.
  • The bird builds its nest across the walls or the female lays her eggs in the hole in the wall.
  • The female lays 3-4 eggs at a time And it can take up to 15 days for the baby to born.
  • Birds of prey such as snakes, mongooses and some other birds are preying on the eggs of this bird.
  • The lifespan of this bird is about 5 years.


Q1. What is the lifespan of this bird?

The lifespan of Patena bird is about 5 years.

Q2. What is the main food of Patena bird?

The staple food Patena birds is butterfly, bee and insect.

Q3. What is height of Bee-eater bird?

The height of patena bird is around 8 to 12 inches.

Q4. What is the scientific name of Bee-eater bird?

The scientific name of Bee-eater bird is Meropidae.

Q5. What is weight of patena bird?

The weight of Patena bird is approx 30 – 60 grams.

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