LIC IPO : largest IPO in country subscribed 2.95 times

LIC IPO : largest IPO in country subscribed 2.95 times

Approx 16,20,00,067 shares were offered under LIC IPO. The public offer has been closed on May 9. Till then, bids have been made 2.95 times. The size of LIC’s IPO is huge. But now LIC’s premium in the market has come down to Rs.40. This is a concern for investors who are bidding for LIC’s IPO.

LIC IPO is the biggest ever IPO in the country

The government will make a profit of Rs 21,000 crore from this IPO. Around 47,83,25,760 bids have been made for the LIC IPO. Meanwhile, the stock market is also witnessing a decline. Investors’ wealth has plummeted due to the fall in the stock market. The LIC (Life Insurance Corporation of India) company’s stock list will be on May 17.

LIC IPO Subscription Details

6.12 times the share is reserved for LIC policyholders. 4.40 times the share was reserved for LIC employees. For QIB is 2.83 times, For NII is 2.91 times and the reserve for retail investors is filled at 1.99 times. Approx 47,83,25,760 bids have been made for the LIC IPO.

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GMP: LIC share price in gray market

LIC’s share price plummeted to Rs.40 due to the market slump. The price was Rs 50 on May 6. On the first day of the issue, the price had reached Rs.105. But came down later that same day. And came Rs.65 and stopped. LIC premium went up to Rs.85 in the first gray market. It is currently hovering at 40.

LIC IPO price band From Rs.949, the stock may get listed at Rs 40 i.e. Rs 989. If the LIC share is listed at Rs.989, it will be 4% more than the issue price. And the investor will also benefit, The stock market will also see a rebound. This is because the more subscriptions there are, the better. The IPO opened on May 4 and closed on May 9.

Indian Government wants to raise Rs.21,005 from LIC IPO. Which is completely 100% Offer for Sale. Listing of IPO is going to happen in the coming few days Then you will know how to trade in the stock market.

When the list is announced in a short time, everyone will be able to see whose luck is good. LIC’s IPO is currently being discussed in the stock market.


Q1. When LIC IPO allotment?

At present, Life Insurance Corporation of India IPO public offer is closed on 9th May. The Life Insurance Corporation of India IPO opened for subscription between May 4-9. According to the announcement of Tuhin Kant Pandey The allotment will be made by the Life Insurance Corporation of India company on Thursday, May 12.

Q2.Are LIC IPO profitable?

With the help of IPO, people in the stock market can earn money quickly. Many people buy an IPO and distribute it when the allotment takes place. So he sees a good profit in a few days. Many IPOs of companies come to the stock market every year. When investing in an IPO of any company, it is necessary to know about that company. The price at which the stock market trades is known only after allotment.

Q3.Which broker is best for IPO allotment?

There are many brokers in the stock market for IPO allotment. Many brokers also offer IPO subscriptions. Here are a few of them. Such as Zerodha Stock Broker, Upstox Stock Broker, 5Paisa Stock Broker, Sharekhan Stock Broker, ICICI Direct Stock Broker, Axis Direct Stock Broker, etc.

Q4. What is bid price in LIC IPO?

Bidding has been kept by the company, Such as a discount of Rs.60 for an AIC policyholder, The price band for LIC IPO has been kept between Rs.902 and Rs.949. The share price will be higher for policyholders.

Q5. what are the most profitable IPOs in 2022?

In the year 2022, many companies have launched their IPO in the market. There are also many profits. But the top 5 most profitable of these are IPOs: Zazzle, Airtable, Reddit, Discord, Databricks. Which is also very large in size of valuation.


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