What is Labor day 2023? Why, How and Where Labor day is Celebrated?

Labor day 2023: You know Labors are those persons who make our lives so Luxurious or can say the Comfortable enough to sleep whole night and stay with the family so safely in House and below the Roofs. And yes to give the honor of the Labors, the International Labor day is being celebrated every year. How it’s started, What day it’s being celebrated.. Entire information you will get in this Article. So Read this till last!

The Great History behind the Labor Day :

Labor Day 2023 is celebrated every year on May 1 all over the world. It started in America in 1886, but gradually it started being celebrated in many countries of the world. Here the meaning of Labor Day is not only with the laborers but with the person who does the job. The importance of Labor Day is special for the whole world, because from this day itself some such changes took place which made the lives of employed people of the whole world easier. Let us know in detail the importance and history of this day.

It is about the year 1886. The labor movement started in America on May 1 itself. The laborers and workers of America came on the road and started raising their voice for their rights. Actually, at that time laborers were made to work for 15-15 hours and the conditions were very bad. Distressed by this, the workers decided to fight their battle and came out on the road.

The police opened fire on the protesting workers. Many laborers lost their lives and hundreds were injured in this firing. Three years after this incident, the International Socialist Conference took place in 1889. In this, it was decided that every laborer would be employed only for 8 hours in a day. It was also decided in this conference that Labor Day would be celebrated every year on 1st May. Apart from this, a decision was also taken to give holiday on 1 May. First of all, after the rule of working 8 hours in America, this rule was implemented in many countries.

But How Labor day was Started in India? :

34 years after Labor Day started in America, on May 1, 1923, Labor Day also started in India. For the first time in India, Labor Day started in Chennai. The decision was taken under the position of Labor Kisan Party of Hindustan. All organizations and social parties supported this meeting. The leftists who were leading the movements were raising their voice against the atrocities and exploitation on the labourers.

Purpose of Labor Day 2023 :

The purpose of Labor Day is to honor the achievements of laborers and workers and to remember the contribution of those who lost their lives fighting for their rights. Along with this, the voice of the rights and rights of the laborers should always be raised. This is the reason why in many organizations, employees are also given a holiday on this day.

What is done in schools on Labor Day? :

Although Labor Day i.e. 1st May is a holiday(Labor day 2023) in almost all companies and departments, but it has special significance in schools. On this day, children in schools express their condolences towards the laborers. He presents many types of plays. Not only this, the principal of the school honors his co-teachers. Some children also write a speech on Labor Day and also read it on the stage. Overall, children are made aware of respect for laborers and their rights in the school.

Why We Should Respect the Labor day in 2023? :

Labor day 2023
Labor day 2023

Currently, more than one hundred and fifty years have passed since the beginning of Labor Day. There is no such problem as before, nor are there large and strong trade unions left to celebrate Labor Day.

The majority of jobs nowadays are now white collar rather than blue collar. That’s why some people are of the opinion that now there is no importance of this festival. But we should not forget that if this day had not started then we would not have been able to think about the rights which we enjoy so easily today and probably even today the working conditions in offices and factories would not be good.

If the laborers had not shown unity on Labor Day 2023, then perhaps even today we would have worked seven days a week and lakhs of crores of children would have been victims of child labor(Baal Diwas), and pregnant women would have struggled to get leave.
That’s why we should not forget the contribution of Labor Day and celebrate this day with joy and enthusiasm.

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In today’s run-of-the-mill life, a person leaves the office but cannot leave work. Millions of people work for hours on laptops and computers even after coming home. So in a way, the white-collar workers of today have replaced the blue-collar workers of yesterday.

In such a situation, perhaps these laborers should ask for time to live their part of life. You should raise your voice and keep your point on Labor Day. Special working class is an integral and important part of any society, it is everyone’s duty to give full respect to them. If injustice is being done to the laborers or atrocities are being committed on them anywhere, then it is the duty of every responsible citizen to make that matter public and raise voice against that policy.

In which country Labor day is Celebrated? :

The majority of European countries, including Sweden, France, Poland, Finland, Norway, Spain, Germany, Italy, etc., observe May Day, Labor Day, or International Workers’ Day as national holidays. The day is also observed in Panama, Cuba, Mexico, Guyana, Peru, Uruguay, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. May Day is observed at various periods throughout the year in Australia, Canada, and the USA.

If we talk in Canada, So Since 1894, Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September. The struggle of the workers here has its own separate history. But in this, there has also been a synergy with the labor movements of America and like America, Labor Day is celebrated here on the same day. Canada also has a holiday on this day.

What Changes International Labor Day could Bring yet?

Labor day 2023: The biggest problem of the working class was regarding the working hours. The feudal class has always been known for its exploitation of the labourers. Earlier the working hours of the laborers were not fixed. They used to get very less wages for working whole day.

It is believed that apart from promoting the need for an 8-hour working day, International Labor Day was started to end the conflict between the workers and the owners. Its effect was also visible after a few days. The companies fixed the working hours of the workers. Thus began the tradition of working for eight hours.

Hope now you fully understand that What is Labor day 2023, When is Labor day, How Labor day is Celebrated and What the purpose behind to Celebrate the Labor day 2023! Thank you for reading this article, Kindly share this information to give a tribute to the Labors!

Some Important FAQs Regarding Labor Day 2023 :

1. When is Labor Day celebrated?

Labor Day is celebrated every year on 1st May.

2. Why is Labor Day celebrated?

This day is celebrated to support the respect, unity and rights of the workers. This day is dedicated to those people who have played an important role in building the country and the world by working hard. It is said that the maximum contribution to the country, society, organization and industry is made by the workers, laborers and toiling people.

3. How International Labor Day is Celebrated?

International Workers’ Day is celebrated by hosting and participating in rallies in support of workers and laborers. People go on picnics with their family and friends. There are also demonstrations commemorating the history of May Day.

4. What is done on Labor Day 2023?

On this day holiday is kept in all the companies and departments whether it is private or government sector.

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