Crypto Exchanges: How to buy and sell?

Crypto Exchanges: How to buy and sell?

Cybercrime says beware of fraudulent scams. Bitcoin is the largest coin in the crypto market. This is similar to the stock market. It has different coins just like the ones that have different shares.

If you talk about Bitcoin right now, we have seen a lot of price breaks in just a few days. There is a lot of fraud going on right now. Bitcoin without knowing anything and then they don’t have proof that it is original. So all such scams are going on in the market. You need to avoid all these scams.

What are Crypto Exchange?

Like a stock market, the coin can be traded. This transaction is known as a cryptocurrency exchange. The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange is Binance. And this was started by a man named Changpenge Zhao. But for some reason he was restricted, so his headquarters was shifted to Chain.

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Within 180 days of its launch, Binance became the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. It has 15.5 million active users daily. This is a trusted exchange. If you create an account in this app, all your coins in that app are safe. Another exchange like this is called Huobi Global. And the third is Coinbase. Not long ago, Coinbase launched own IPO.

The largest exchange in India is known as Wazirx. The founder of Wazir is Nischal Shetty. And you can do withdrawal  from Coin Binance of Wazirx. Wazirx is ​​the only exchange in our country that has its own coin. Which is known as WRX. 3.1 billion trade in three months in Wazirx. This exchange also comes with P2P features. Many such frauds have entered the exchange market. So let’s avoid all these scams. No one is going to meet anyone for free from anywhere.

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