Crane Bird: Crane Bird Information In English

Crane Bird: Crane Bird Information In English

Hello friends, today we will discuss about Crane Bird. Which is known as Sarus(સારસ) in Gujarati. Crane bird always prefers to be in group. The bird is said to be found in Greenery areas or near lakes. India has the largest population of Crane Bird. So let’s find out more about stork bird without wasting any time.

Crane Bird Information In English

  • The Crane bird is the largest flying bird in the world. And this bird is most found in India. The number will be approximately 8000. Of these, 4 species are found in India and the rest are found abroad. The Siberian crane species became extinct in 2002.
  • The scientific name of crane bird is Gruidae. Another name for this bird is Crunch.
  • Crane bird species is slowly becoming extinct, This bird is found more in India and Nepal.
  • The first Volume Ramayana written in the world is credited to Crane bird.
  • Siberian Crane birds are found in large numbers in India This is because the Siberian Crane bird comes to India in October.
  • Crane birds make different kinds of sounds to talk to each other.
  • The legs of crane bird are very long and pink in color.

15 Sentences About Sarus Crane Bird in English

  • The neck of crane bird is long and round so it looks very beautiful.
  • This bird also has a large beak that swallows food.
  • Crane bird weight 6kg to 7 kg and height 5 to 6 fit.
  • Crane bird is a traveler bird, this bird travels from one place to another But some species spend their lives in one place.
  • Crane bird does not go into deep water but eats its food in shallow water.
  • Crane bird is a herbivorous bird. It feeds on trees but occasionally eats small fish.
  • stork bird is called the Symbol of Love and Dedication. because When crane bird chooses its mate, it spends its entire life with it.
  • Stork bird spends its entire life with one of its mate.

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Crane Bird Facts In Engllish : Interesting facts about the stork bird

  • The heaviest crone bird in the world is the Red Crowned Crane.
  • This bird can fly at an altitude of 40 to 45 feet in the axis.
  • It is very difficult to identify male crane and female crane bird Because both look the same. But the male crane is larger in size than the female crane.
  • crane bird is the state bird of Madhya Pradesh.
  • The main reason for the decline in stork bird population is climate change and hunting.
  • The life span of crane bird is 15 to 18 years.

FAQs of Crane Birds

Q1. What is the scientific name of crane bird?

The scientific name of the crane bird is Gruidae.

Q2. What is the life span of a crane bird?

The lifespan of stork bird is 15 to 18 years.

Q3. How much does a crane bird weight?

The weight of the crane bird about 3kg to 7kg.

Q4. How high can stork bird fly in the sky?

crane bird can fly up to 40,000 feet in the sky.

Q5. How much does a crane bird Height?

The height of the crane bird about 5 to 5 feet.

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