Can we Time Travel? James Webb Space Telescope

Can we Time Travel? James Webb Space Telescope

The world’s largest telescope has been launched by NASA. its name James Webb Space Telescope. Using this telescope you can do time travel. Meaning we can’t go back in time. Even a glimpse can be seen. With the help of this telescope, cats can be seen years back.

13.8 billion years ago today, our Universe began. And this telescope can see 13 billion years ago. how can it be possible?

This telescope is designed to detect infrared light. When we look at the sky, we can see the lights with the naked eye. Friends, whenever we were in school, you would have heard about the electromagnetic wave. This wave is on a very large spectrum. These include X-rays, ultraviolet rice, radio waves, and microwaves. In between all this is a small range of visible lights. Telescopes sold in the market can be seen in the range of visible lights.

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Telescopes sold in the market can be seen in the range of visible lights. The range of these visible lights ranges from blue to red. The red color range has the largest wavelength. The wavelength of infrared is large but we cannot see it with the naked eye.

Advantages of Telescope

The most powerful telescope ever is the Hubble Telescope. Clouds made of gas and Space dusts can be seen in the photo taken from the telescope. Even infrared can pass through this dust. So we can see to what’s behind it. Infrared means below the red. Its frequency is behind the red.

Anything that radiates heat emits an infrared wave. Like from man, from beast, from sun, from fire, infrared wave emanates from all this. The main reason for this is that Soldier uses night goggles. Because an infrared wave emanates from it. That’s why telescopes look at the sun, look at the planets, look at the galaxies, all this radiates heat.

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The larger the glass mounted on the telescope, the more light it can capture. So you can get the photo in high resolution. That is why most of the advanced telescopes are made with more n more glass. The James Webb Space Telescope Mirror is plated with 24 carat gold. Because gold can best reflect the red lights.

Creation of James Webb Space Telescope

Heat radiation is also emitted from the telescope. Infrared wave will also come out of it. Which will interfere with the infrared wave coming from the galaxy. With this we can’t get the good quality image. To solve this problem, James Webb Space Telescope will only work at -223 degrees C. This telescope has seen such a cold temperature to work.

Earth has never been below -89 degree C temperature. So the question is how to keep this telescope so cool. It is possible to do this in space. Because space is so cold. If the sunlight falls on the James Webb Space Telescope, it stops working. It needs to be kept cool. A sun shield has been placed on James Webb Space Telescope to prevent this incense. The shield is in the sap of a kite. This shield is made of Kapton Material. Many other materials were checked to prevent sunlight’s. It was later learned that this Material Kapton Artificial had been created.

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Five layers of this Kapton material have been created in this telescope. And all these layers are thinner than a man’s hair. A vacuum gap is kept between each layer. Apart from this there is also an aluminum coating on each layer. This telescope has not been placed close to the earth.

How James Webb Space Telescope will be deployed?

James Webb Space Telescope will be deployed 1.5 million kilometers away from the earth. Which is called L2 point. L means Lagrange point. This point will be on the other side of the sun. So that the heat of the sun can be stopped. The special thing about this point is that this point runs along the earth. This telescope always raises behind the shadow of the earth.

According to NASA, there could be as many as 300 problems deploying this telescope. If there is a mistake in any place then the whole project will fail. $10 billion has been spent on this entire project. Apart from NASA, European Space Agency and Canadian Space Agency are also participating in this project.

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