5 Tips for How to be a good mother

How to be a good mother: A good mother has a number of innate good traits that make her fit for a job and a housewife. They are a self-taught journey, and instincts come naturally to them and are not acquired. A good mother is considered a good nurturer, she creates perfect balance in the family.

A mother lovingly guides her children on a right path to bring out the best in them and become a better person herself. A good mother, often called the Good Enough Mom, does her best to maintain family peace, not for herself but for her family. They teach their child how to live life to the fullest, how to live.

What is an ideal mother?

An ideal mother(how to be a good mother) makes sacrifices and provisions for her child and always encourages her child/children to succeed. An ideal mother’s first instinct is to protect her child. An ideal mother always desires and loves her child unconditionally and takes good care of her child always. Motherhood is concerned with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being of herself and her children.

A woman is expected to nurture the children, as well as manage the household, be the best cook and guide, disciplinarian, home nurse and financial controller besides teaching her children.

An ideal mother should always be a patient, strong, respectful, need to be polite, empathetic, authentic and supportive. Also, an ideal mother as a ‘superwoman’ is expected to keep her husband happy at home, in bed, socially and at work everywhere.

An ideal mother is helpful, encouraging and always shows love and kindness even in times of trouble. She always tries her best to instill boundaries in her children early. Finding an ideal mother is impossible. Raising a child is difficult even for the best mothers. So, motherhood is a roller coaster of emotional experience full of ups and downs.

Becoming an ideal mother comes after birth and is one of the most complex, rewarding and challenging experiences that any woman can go through. Between all the long nights, tired days, and screaming babies, it seems almost impossible to be the ideal mother.

how to be a good mother: An ideal mother is always patient and always nurtures her and her family when her children are scared, sad, challenged or just in need of love. An ideal mother is a rock in a storm that never seems to stop. No. They brave the worst situations in the world and always face challenges with patience. An ideal mother is everything her child needs at any given time and she is everything to them when they never knew they needed them.

An ideal mother is not just someone who has children, she is a mother who provides for her family, takes care of her family and understands everyone. An ideal mother is kind, selfless and loving. She accepts that her children are still imperfect human beings. And the society inculcates a good sense of morality and right and wrong in the society. A mother has many responsibilities for her child right from birth.

What are the qualities of a good mother?

A mother has many innate traits that make her suitable for her career. She is a self-taught journey, and instincts come naturally to her. how to be a good mother always loves her children unconditionally and she ensures that they always grow and develop into disciplined individuals. Below are the key traits that reflect motherhood.

  1. Loving

Among all the qualities of a how to be a good mother, being a loving mother is number one. Along with love, all other characteristics can be worked on and improved. Mothers show immense affection and love to their children in different ways. Things like hugs, kisses, words of encouragement and present parenting show the duty of being a loving mother and help the baby’s brain develop properly. The more affection you give your children, the happier and more successful they will be.

  • Patient

Part of being a good mother is being patient and calm. These qualities of motherhood are huge. Always be patient with children. Children should be allowed to express their thoughts unhindered and should be allowed to complete chores and activities at their own pace and should not lose their temper easily on any given day.

  • Role Model

Among the best qualities of a good mother is one who teaches her children by example.

Children can learn a lot more from what they see than what we tell them to do. Always try hard to model the behavior and attitudes that children adopt. Like eating healthy, being kind to others, and being kind every day. Children learn to exercise by watching you do it.

  • Consistent

Consistency is not only a quality of good mothering but is essential for raising emotionally stable children. Consistency in parental behavior has important implications for child adjustment. When we are consistent with the way we interact, discipline, and set expectations with our children every day, they grow up to be more stable. Consistency reduces stress, anxiety, and emotional swings.

  • Respectful

Respecting children is very important as the qualities of a good mother. We are their mothers. “Birth them” does not give us the right to cross certain boundaries. Our children have their own personalities, with their own personalities, their own opinions and their own limitations.

how to be a good mother: As mothers it should always be our nature to respect their thoughts and their abilities. Respect those who want to do what is best for them. Never shout at your child’s face. Do not use abusive words towards them. Never talk down to your children. Let them express their feelings and respect them.

  • Supportive and encouraging

As a good mother should always be supportive to her child. Encouragement is something we all need! Which creates a sense of pride and makes us constantly push forward and work hard. Children need to hear from their parents by supporting them or standing behind them and standing by their side every step of the way. Behind every supportive mother there is always a confident child.

  • Forgiving : how to be a good mother

Forgiving is a difficult quality for anyone to have. It takes practice, patience, and humility. Forgiveness with children is something that is crucial to helping children thrive. Because children are constantly learning, and mistakes are bound to happen, being forgiving and flexible is key. Accomplishing this quality is one of the most valuable qualities

Being quick to anger children, holding grudges and being slow to forgive is poison not only to us but to children. Always model their behavior by being a forgiving mother. Get rid of all bitterness, anger, strife and slander and all malice and always be kind to one another and forgive one another.

  • Flexible and Adjustable

Being flexible in thinking about the baby as a mother is key to maintaining our sanity. We should always leave room for discussion, change their plans and let the children make decisions too. When the child is young, teach him basic survival skills like cooking, doing his own laundry, cleaning his bedroom and so on. It seems very early. As a mother, you should teach and teach them these skills.

  • Humility

Humility is a good quality that most people forget from time to time. Always be gentle with the child. It should not be harsh at all. The more polite you are, the more your child will learn from you and grow up to be a good polite person.

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What are the 5 roles of a mother? how to be a good mother

Giving birth to a child is just the beginning of a mother’s(how to be a good mother) most complex and vital role in raising a family throughout her life. Here below are important roles of mother in life.

  1. Manager for the family

A mother can also play the role of manager for the family very well considering the numerous transactions that the mother has to handle in the family. She must not only maintain the material aspects of her family life but also the intangible elements like creating a living environment for her husband and children throughout her life.

  • To be a teacher to his children

A mother should always be able to be a teacher for her children. Mothers should always be the best and an ideal teacher for their child and be able to educate their children properly.

  •   Household nurse

A mother always monitors what her child eats and drinks. A household nurse will take care of you like a household nurse from changing your diapers when you are a small child till you grow up. And her whole time will always be devoted to taking care of her children and husband.

  • Financial Controller

As a mother one should always be able to manage and control the financial situation of her family well. From money spent on basic needs like food, electricity bills, entertainment plans and savings, managing all these elements is very important.

  • World’s best chef

While it is the mother’s responsibility to take care of the child, it is also her traditional duty to prepare a good meal for the family. A good mother can and should always be prepared to cook food, buy food items, prepare breakfast and feed the family members.

What is the most difficult part of being a mother?

Being a new mom is rough, no doubt about it. When we don’t acknowledge how hard things can be, we put ourselves in danger of feeling like we’re alone, or that we’re not doing this perfect mom thing right. Being a new mom is hard work. The hardest part of being a mom is thinking about her child’s future. Being a new mom means balancing parenthood, work, and housework well. The most difficult thing is when a mother has to do all the housework, take care of the baby and manage her office work on the same day. It is most stressful.

how to be a good mother: Many mothers often struggle with guilt. Guilt about going back to work, guilt about leaving the kids with a babysitter, guilt about not being able to afford private school, but a large part of this guilt comes from having unrealistic expectations of ourselves. No one person can be everything to everyone every second of every day. Balance is always essential to being the best mother. The responsibility of raising a child from birth to adulthood can be difficult for motherhood at times

When we are mothers, it is very difficult to put the children’s needs before your own. If you don’t take time for yourself, you will eventually become stressed, tired and unhealthy. The hardest part of being a mom is making time,” “Motherhood is hard!” Motherhood is considered to be one of the best jobs in the world and it is also one of the toughest. Raising a little human from complete dependency to an independent person does not come without its challenges. Babies may still be genetically different, but mothers’ experiences are very similar.

What are the main responsibilities of a mother?

The importance of mother cannot be underestimated. A good mother change everything. And a mother plays many roles throughout her child’s life. Each mother is important in shaping her child in different ways.

Mothers also play an essential role in the family. She not only takes care of the home and children, but also forms the family unit. Upholds the traditions and values ​​of the family. A mother’s responsibilities vary depending on the different needs and culture of her family. Regardless of family dynamics, certain tasks are usually associated with mothers.

The main responsibilities of mother are mentioned below.

  • Upon the birth of a child, the mother is responsible for taking care of the child. She is solely responsible for breastfeeding the baby, and as the baby grows, a mother takes on the responsibility of nursing, carrying and feeding the baby.
  • The mother(how to be a good mother) has a traditional responsibility and role in this family is laundry work, because since ancient times it is the mother who is there for her, for the children. And does the washing of the family’s clothes. She is the responsibility of the mother to wash her children’s clothes, dry them, arrange them in their drawers and iron them.
  • It is the traditional role of the mother in the family to do all the household chores. A housewife is a woman whose job is to take care of her family, household affairs and household chores. In a family where the mother is a housewife, while the husband goes to work, the mother does the household chores.
  • In the process of raising children, every mother should teach her children well how to treat others, how to be responsible, how to move forward.
  • A mother is always close to her child. Then forms a strong emotional bond with the child so it is her duty to inculcate the child with values, moral principles and nurture him properly in his environment.
  • Mothers should encourage their children to play when the children are bored. They should expose their children to fun activities like nursery rhymes, games and cooking.
  • Mothers are often very helpful in managing money, gradually teaching their children to manage money as well. Balancing groceries, school activities and clothing as well as utilities and other household expenses is every mother’s duty.


Becoming an ideal mother(how to be a good mother) is a long and arduous journey that you will have to face as your children grow up. An ideal mother means different things to different people. A good mother plays an important role in the life of her children. They are responsible for providing basic needs, emotional support, education and discipline to their children. Also, they are responsible for being role models. A mother’s love is always stronger than any power in the world. And it can make all the difference in the world if it is assumed.

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